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The writing results of DeputyMitchell’s pupils soared from 9% Level 5 to 60% Level 5 in 12 months after the implementation of simple existing new technologies and blogging.

DeputyMitchell has been a primary school teacher for 20 years teaching Reception to Year 8 and has worked at all levels of management from ICT Co-ordinator, Department Head to Headteacher of two schools. Ever since he saw the power as a Year 6 teacher of using forums to get pupils writing outside of the traditional school day as early as 2005, DeputyMitchell has seen amazing impact through technology used at the right time, in the right way, to not only inspire pupils to write, but write to the very best of their ability. DeputyMitchell’s background has centred around use of new technologies to impact standards in the classroom. His work has also been featured on BBC1, BBC1 NW, Radio 5 Live and in national newspapers.

It has been very well documented about the significant shift in attainment and progress (See the BBC coverage on the right) of the pupils DeputyMitchell has taught and since January 2013, as a Freelance Consultant, DeputyMitchell is on a mission to bring these innovative approaches to staff and pupils both far and wide. Since January 2013, DeputyMitchell has worked with over 300 schools, including Teaching Schools and Alliances.

Writing in The Sunday Times about the impact of DeputyMitchell’s approaches with his Year 6 pupils, India Knight wrote:

“Getting children to blog is like getting overweight children to exercise by holding strictly Come Dancing competitions: an intelligent and overdue harnessing of the pop culture that we can diss all we like but that remains the backbone of most people’s non-working lives. Some stories make me really love the modern world and this is one of them. David Mitchell deserves a medal at the very least.”
India Knight – Sunday Times 13th February 2011
Are you thinking of introducing blogging and simple new technologies to impact standards in English in your school?

With the focus on impact on data, DeputyMitchell can offer you:

  • Engaging INSET Training – Bespoke INSET day extravaganza. Recent review from the renowned blogger ‘The Primary Head’
  • Inspiring Bespoke multi-day packages teaching pupils whilst training staff using carefully selected innovative technologies
  • Focussed 1:1 planning/coaching sessions with staff embedding quick wins into daily planning
  • Keynote speaking at your conference
  • Workshop delivery
  • Strategy planning with SLT ensuring a future proof approach to procurement

Every school is different with different needs. DeputyMitchell’s philosophy is simple…

  • Bespoke support leads to deeper impact
  • Practise what you preach
  • If we do what we always have done, we’ll get what we always got
  • If the technology can’t seamlessly be used within 2 minutes in the classroom, it’s not of value to the teacher.
DeputyMitchell doesn’t just preach from the front. His whole approach is based on getting into classrooms and modelling these innovative approaches with the pupils in the schools that he is supporting. When a member of staff asks ‘When were you last in the classroom?’ the answer ‘Yesterday’ can be proudly announced.

DeputyMitchell has recently been working with Russell Scott Primary School in Manchester. The Head teacher (Steve Marsland) said:

Motivational, inspirational and innovative are words often over used in schools..but not where David Mitchell is concerned! On a whole school, class and 1:1 bespoke professional development basis, David has been the catalyst and inspiration in embracing and embedding a technological rich curriculum into our school. From Coveritlive and Skype sessions engaging audiences around the country to the power of the world wide audience through blogging and social media; the engagement and motivation of the children has been awe inspiring. David has lit the blue touch paper!
Steve Marsland: NLE, Head Teacher of Russell Scott Primary
More case studies from longer term projects between 2014 – 2017 can be found HERE.

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Blogging in the news!

Today has been an exciting day indeed. As part of my freelance work, I have been working as a Consultant at Leamore Primary School in Walsall in the West Midlands. Today was day 6 of 7 days over a 4 week period that I have been asked to work with the innovative Leamore. Since starting about 4 weeks ago, I have worked predominantly with Year 5 and their excellent teacher Gary Ellison. We’ve worked on using Coveritlive, Voicethread and the use of images, with a heavy emphasis on impacting standards in writing. However, other opportunities have presented themselves to work with staff in EYFS, Year 3, with Teaching Assistants and two NQTs that are new to the school. One of the highlights for not only the pupils but Gary and I too was the Coveritlive session with the one and only Pie Corbett. Please click here to see it.

The school and I were thrilled when the BBC West Midlands got in touch to feature the work we had been doing on their Midlands Today programme today (11th July 2013).

Below are the two clips that I’d like to thank Simon Haughton for capturing. I’d also like to add at this point that Leamore have been doing some amazing blogging before I arrived, especially with their work in EYFS and blogs as Learning Journals. My brief was to develop blogging to more advanced level, both pupils and the staff have been so receptive to new learning. This consultancy project has been an amazing experience! Thank you to Michelle Hill (Acting Headteacher) for seeing the potential of what we could do together at Leamore Primary.

The clip from Midlands Today at 6:30pm

The clip from Midlands Today at 12:30pm