**NEW** One Day Blogging Extravaganzas

Welcome back to the summer of 2017! With many schools knuckling down to a new term of learning, it’s as good a time as any to think about new strategies in which to inspire your learners in ways that will impact data. Many schools I work with book me to come in for a one day blogging extravaganza. These days typically see me working with two classes. One for the full morning and the other for the full afternoon. During these teaching sessions, teachers from other year groups are invited to get stuck in and see first hand how blogging can, not only impact immediately on engagement and enthusiasm for writing, but see how this strategy can have longer term impact on data! By the end of each session, the pupils can all:

  • Access a class blog and know how to log in.
  • Create a blog post from within school or from home.
  • Understand the eSafety issues around safe blogging.
  • Add quality comments offering peer assessment.
  • Understand how their writing can have a global audience and as a result write to the best of their abilities.

The teachers involved by the end of the sessions can all:

  • Manage the dashboard ensuring online safety for each pupil.
  • Understand how blogging can be used to impact standards in writing.
  • See first hand how pupil engagement levels and enthusiasm levels rise through effective use of blogging.
  • Develop ideas on how this tool can be used through observing an extended teaching sequence.

What’s also included in this BLOGGING EXTRAVAGANZA is a full staff meeting after school where all the staff get to hear first hand about the potential of using blogging in the classroom. In addition to this, the teachers have time to explore a number of different class blogs from across the Primary age range to see specifically how blogging can look like in their year group.

If you are looking for new ways to impact on standards of writing, please get in touch to see when I can come and work with your pupils and teachers.

DeputyMitchell works across the UK in both Primary and Secondary schools. He offers tailored IN CLASS INSET for pupils and teachers with a focus on impact on data. If you feel a BLOGGING EXTRAVAGANZA could be of interest to you and your pupils, please get in touch HERE!


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  1. grouptwo March 24, 2016 at 6:32 pm #

    Deputy Mitchell worked at our school!
    Montgomery primary Academy.
    I was so amazed when he Was talking to our class about blogging.
    you can find our class blog on (type it in the adress bar/the top bar):

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