“David Mitchell has a proven track record of using ICT to raise standards. Inspirational, highly practical and visionary, David is one of the key ICT communicators in Education in this country.”
Pie Corbett – Author and Educational Consultant

“Getting children to blog is like getting overweight children to exercise by holding strictly Come Dancing competitions: an intelligent and overdue harnessing of the pop culture that we can diss all we like but that remains the backbone of most people’s non-working lives. Some stories make me really love the modern world and this is one of them. David MItchell deserves a medal at the very least.”
India Knight – Sunday Times 13th February 2011

“Motivational, inspirational and innovative are words often over used in schools…..but not where David Mitchell is concerned! On a whole school, class and 1:1 bespoke professional development basis, David has been the catalyst and inspiration in embracing and embedding a technological rich curriculum into our school. From Coveritlive and Skype sessions engaging audiences around the country to the power of the world wide audience through blogging and social media; the engagement and motivation of the children has been awe inspiring. David has lit the blue touch paper!”
Steve Marsland: NLE, Head Teacher of Russell Scott Primary

“The changes to the ICT curriculum,matched by the advances in technology for teaching and learning and the digital expectations of each new intake of pupils mean schools need to be constantly evaluating and reflecting on their professional practice. From my experience of teaching and learning teachers learn best from other teachers who have been innovative and taken risks with pedagogy and technology and there is no better example of that than David Mitchell. His experience at Heathfield Primary School of raising standards and his worldwide reputation for his “quadblogging” initiative mean he is the perfect person to stimulate,inspire and challenge your teachers to reflect on their own use of technology to enhance learning.”
Bob Harrison Chair of DfE ICT Experts group and Chair of Teaching Schools Technology Advisory Board.

“David Mitchell is one of the true trailblazers of learning technology. His work on quadblogging is inspirational and has transformed the way schools are now using social media to promote engaged learning.”
Steve Wheeler – Associate Professor of Learning Technology, Plymouth University

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